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The Crew Ultimate Edition (Xbox One)

  • Description

    Ready to take the driver’s seat of the definitive online racing game for this generation? Ubisoft’s The Crew is a revolutionary action-filled game that will help you experience the life of a street racing car driver unlike any other game before.

    The game puts you in the shoes of a 510 gang member and allows you to climb in the ranks of the underground racing scene in Detroit. You need to build your reputation from the ground up, become the leader of the Detroit racing underworld, and take over the entire country.

    The Crew Ultimate Edition gives you the opportunity to maneuver the streets of Detroit, Miami, and New York City and beat other drivers in a battle for underground supremacy. Use your instincts to accomplish challenges, avoid the cops, and take your place on the throne of the underground racing world.

    On your journey, you’ll come across other players. In the beginning, they might be your rivals. However, the game allows you to recruit them and make them a part of your racing time. They can then recruit the players they compete against. Slowly, you can create a huge network of great drivers across the internet.

    Some of the standout features you can look forward to, include:

    • A great open-world for you to explore
    • Iconic American locations and landmarks
    • A number of exciting racing vehicles
    • Chance to race and team up with your friends
    • A player and a car that can be customized to your wishes