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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (Xbox One)

  • Description

    Are you a real fan of Dragon Ball Z? Have you ever wanted to relive the entire story of Goku for yourself? With Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for Xbox One, you can now go through the entire story of Goku for yourself, without re-watching the series for the hundredth time.

    In addition to going through all of the epic battles the series is known for, you can also experience some of the quieter times of Goku’s life: hunt, fish, eat, and train for Gohan, Master Roshi, and other characters from the series.

    As you advance through the stages, the game allows you to explore new areas never seen in the original series. Along the way, you can also team up with other heroes from the Dragon Ball Z universe and defeat your enemies.

    Live Out the Iconic Dragon Ball Z battles: Battle in fully-destructible, interactive gaming environments and experience boss fights like you never did before. Test your fighting capabilities, increase your power level, and become a Super Saiyan.

    Find Out More About Your Favorite Characters: Experience the DBZ story like you never did before. Live through the world changing events and see new story elements that answer some of the biggest burning questions in the DBZ universe once for all.

    Don’t Just Fight But Live Completely Like Goku: Live through the entire saga as Goku. Train with your friends, go finishing, and of course battle it out with your enemies in DBZ: Kakrot.